Optimizing Packaging Design For Human Senses

You target human consumers because they are the ones buying your products. We decide on buying something based on the five senses. It means that marketing experts have to consider these five senses while designing and packaging products. In this article, we will discuss how you can trigger human senses to make them taking interest in buying your products.


Using the right combination of colors, shapes, and text on a product packaging makes it visually appealing. A visually appealing product packaging stands out among other products, meaning that it will attract your customers in a much better way. One way of doing so is to do the exact opposite of what your competitors are doing. For instance, if all of your competitors are using vibrant and loud colors in their packaging designs, you may want to create a more minimalist packaging design to make your product stand out more.


Most of the brands and packaging companies do not pay much attention to the olfactory experience of their product packaging. The fact of the matter is that how your product packaging smells can help you retain your customers. For this purpose, you will need to choose high-quality packing materials, and also that you are using the right packing materials that are not only protective and aesthetically pleasing but also appropriately aromatic.


The product packaging you use can be a point of interaction between you and your customers. You may want to use plush suede, pop-ups, or pull-tabs to improve the unboxing experience of your customers. Your potential or existing customers may find such packaging styles worth sharing, and it can help you stand out among your competitors. This way, you will be able to increase the list of loyal customers.


You might not have paid much attention to this aspect, but what sounds your product packaging generates can make or break your sale. You will want to avoid being too noisy with your packaging, but it can be annoying for your customers. You can optimize the sounds of your packaging by using the right types of packaging materials. Using heavier packaging materials will result in a bit deeper sounds, which are much better than the high-pitch noise that thinner packaging materials create. Thicker materials also develop a perception about your product being of higher quality in the minds of your customers.


If you are a food brand, you will want your product packaging to draw a perception of your product’s taste in the minds of your customers. This factor depends on all of the factors mentioned above. The visual appeal of your product packaging and how it feels and smells can play a crucial role in developing a perception of your product’s taste. You certainly do not want anything to go wrong in this scenario.

If you want to make sure that your packaging is perfect from the perspective of all of the factors mentioned above, you may need to discuss your requirements with a packaging consultant. A highly qualified packaging consultant will help you select the right type of packaging materials that will help your product stand out among your competition.

Are you wasting money on Tape?

If you are in the business of packaging anything it is most likely that you are going to be using a good amount of supplies. This means you are likely in charge of the money going in and out of all those items and are responsible for keeping that budget that is set or even getting bonuses for money saved.  This can mean that a lot of power is not in your hands and the ability to source packaging supplies for a low cost can impact your life directly. That is a great and wonderful thing because you can keep your warehouse running efficiently and make the lives of your co-workers or yourself better.

One of the biggest areas of wasted money I have found in warehouses is spending too much on packaging supplies for shipping.  The reason this is done is generally not controlling employees and the processes they have.  This is because some things are so simply we all think they should be done how the handler sees fit.  The thing is thought, is that every process should be tracked and ran the most efficiently possible. 

Each employee who is going to be putting boxes together should know exactly the amount of tape needed for each box.  Now some companies like target understand this and have machines that pre-cut tape to fit every exact box they have.  This is because they were spending astronomical amounts of extra money on tape.  If you cannot afford this machinery then you need to find the right tape for the right box.

There are lots of different types of thickness and stickiness of packing tape.  So if an employee usually uses 4 strips for the bottom of packages you can get a better tape that only tapes one strip. The cost savings can be up to 300% or more when using the right amount of the right product.  It means buying less, and taking less time to do it.  That means an employee could be 100 to 400% more efficient by using the right product as well.  That means more products can be shipped for the same amount of time! Getting excited? That is because it can be truly a game changer for many companies to use the right amount of products.  Now take the tape advice and move it along to other areas and watch the bottom line shrink! Go out and dominate your company!

Gift Boxes for Companies

Being in the packaging supplies business has some distinct advantages.  We get to see lots of trends, ebbs, and flows in the market. We have noticed that a big trend in the last decade is that corporate gifting has become a phenomenon that is taking off.  This is an area that can be extremely profitable for companies and can smooth over relationships to set the tone for the long haul.

We see our gift boxes being used in a plethora of ways.  We find it fun and clever when someone decides to purchase them for Christmas for all their presents.  More frequently it is being used for some form of high class packaging or Corporate Gifting.  This can be extremely extravagant and filled with their brand’s color of shredded paper to give that extra punch of thought.  The options are vast and the rewards for sending the right gift after a closed deal or during a pitch can be the difference for how many gift boxes may be under YOUR Christmas tree!  So why would you really want to do this and what kind of results can it yield?

What we have seen is many companies will actually shop their local packaging supplies store and pick up more than just a few setups for future sales.  Not only do they give a single gift when big deals are closed, but many companies will make a gift for an entire department or board of directors.  This can be a simple gift box filled with a classic shredded paper or a custom box as well.  Some companies go all out with design and print a design on the exterior to jump up the personalization.  This little addition at the end of a deal can give a talking point for every recipient from that point on.  It allows a small amount of common ground and good will to instantly be given to members of the other company.  Especially, if they were not a happy recipient of the deal it can help smooth over that pain.

That is why we love gift boxes and the extra bonuses that can come along with them.  We do suggest not filling them with any kind of controversial item.  It may turn people off instantly if there is a polarizing item. This is also not the time to say I told you so, its a kind gesture so make sure it stays on that level when choosing what goes in it.